Wind Up Drill

The Walking Windup drill is part of the Performance Plus Strength and Conditioning Series. Walking Windup Throws are a progression off the Roll-In Throws, which teaches the unwinding of the lower half and how it contributes to the upper half. By using a step-step-rotate pattern, the athlete begins to understand the interconnection between ground reaction forces, hip rotation, and torso rotation in the delivery. This drill is done with lighter PlyoCare balls to more closely mimic the actual delivery. Stand with a PlyoCare ball in the throwing hand, facing the target. Step with your glove side foot, then plant the throwing side foot into the ground as you bring the glove side foot up into the drifting “balance” position. Lean the torso back slightly as you drift through the traditional balance position, using the momentum of the step to continue through the linear portion of the delivery. Begin striding to the plate and unwind the counter-rotation that was initiated earlier in the delivery, then throw the PlyoCare ball to a mid-chest high target.