Roll In Throw

This video is part of the Performance Plus Strength and Conditioning Series. Roll-In Throws are a progression beyond Pivot Pickoff Throws, as it involves a dynamic movement with the lower half. The drill was designed to minimise lower half rotation and maximise upper half torso stacking and rotation, as these are the real mechanical keys to throwing high velocities. Stand facing the target with a PlyoCare ball in your throwing hand at waist level. Take a walking step with your throwing side leg with minimal hip rotation, then drive powerfully off this leg leaning your torso slightly backwards as you do so. Bring the PlyoCare ball into the high cocked position using your standard arm action, and as your glove side leg makes contact with the ground, separate your glove and throwing side shoulders by pulling the glove shoulder around the spine and drive the chest forward. This will lay the throwing arm back in external rotation. Unwinding the arm in internal rotation, elbow extension, and forearm pronation, throw the PlyoCare ball to a target approximately mid-chest height. Focus on forwardly rotating the torso and gaining “extension” to the target.