Reverse Throw Drill

The Reverse Plyo Throw is part of the Performance Plus Strengthening Series. Reverse Throws train the posterior shoulder, activating the muscle group but also providing a strong physiological stimulus to develop power. Reverse throws also provide a good backwards-chained mechanical stimulus, which helps the athlete develop kinesthetic awareness of how the pitching arm is delayed in the delivery. While kneeling on the throwing-side leg and the glove-side leg out in front, assume a forward position across the body with the PlyoCare ball in your throwing hand. Your throwing forearm should be pronated and your scaps should be protracted with shoulders forward. Initiate the movement by rotating towards your throwing arm side, driving the shoulder backwards and around the spine. Keep the hand pinned to the body as long as possible until inertial mass pulls it behind you in a backwards throw as you supinate your forearm into neutral posture. Drive the glove-side midfoot into the ground, anchoring the hips. The feeling is a powerful backhand slap to someone directly behind you! Try to mimic your normal arm slot when doing this drill. Repeat 10 times.