Pivot Pick Cuff Weights

This Video is part of the Performance Plus Strengthening Series. ThePivot Pick Swing is a good exercise to promote strength and control of the arms and is useful in patterning the throwing action. Stand in an athletic position, cuff weights wrapped around the wrists, hands facing forwards. Pivot Pickoff Throws are done with the throwing arm in the “goalpost position” or “high-cocked position” and the other arm extended straight out in front. Turn to the right if you are a right-handed thrower and turn to the left if you are a left-handed thrower, then pull the glove arm back, and after a very slight delay, drive the throwing arm forward and turn the thumb down (pronate the forearm). Shoulder rotation should be heavily emphasised here. Done correctly, the athlete will pronate the forearm and learn to hit his right hip with his right hand (if he throws with his right hand) and will feel a stretch during the delay between glove retraction and throwing arm acceleration. The idea is NOT to follow-through across the body, but rather drive the upper arm in a straight line and pronate the forearm. Keep trunk stable during drill. repeat 3 x 6.