Long Toss with Kinetic Chain Exercises

Long Toss using Driveline Constraint Exercises

This video shows the technique used for Driveline Kinetic Chain throwing exercises. Using a normal baseball or cricket ball (not weighted ball at this stage), we demonstrate the Pivot Pick, Rocker, Roll In and Walk-In WindUp Exercises to develop throwing techniques.

Commence about 5 m apart facing each other and loosen the arm with 10 stationary feet  warm up throws.  We then commence the Extension Phase. First we commence with  5-10 Pivot Pick throws aiming for the chest of your partner. Once completed take 5 steps back and perform 5-10 Rocker Throws. Take 5 Steps back and then perform 5-10 Roll In Throws. Finally we progress to the Walk In Wind Up Throws. Here every 2 throws you will take 5 steps back until you reach the designated distance or your limit (when the ball is making a shot hop). Remember as we extend out we are throwing nice and loosely and the ball will travel at a gentle arc.

Once we reach our distance limit, we commence the Compression Phase of the long toss exercises. Here we aim to throw the ball flat and hard straight to our partner.. With each throw step in 5 steps aiming to throw each time as hard as the previous throw and on the same flat plane. Keep progressing this until you close to a distance that remains safe and comfortable for both partners.