Kettle Bell Dead Lift

This Video is part of the Performance Plus Strengthening Series. The Kettle Squat is a good exercise to promote strength and control of the Legs,  Pelvis and Trunk and is useful in all aspects of hitting and throwing.  Its a great all round exercises as it works all the muscles in the area. Stand with your feet a large pace apart and the kettlebell on the floor in front of you. (You can do it with a plyoball in your hands) Move down into a full squat grasp the kettlebell and then drive your body upwards through your heels. As you raise upwards keep the kettlebell close to your body in a goblet grip with your hands and the weight facing downwards. The movement out of the squat must be a forceful fluid motion using both your legs and hips as one unit and not as individual stages. Keep your back and chest straight and head up, gaze looking forward as you rise and squeeze your buttocks together at the top of the movement. Move back down into the squat and ground the kettlebell at your feet.  As with all the strengthening exercises try and maintain trunk and head control as you perform the exercises. Best done as 3 x6 reps.