Cuban Press

This Video is part of the Performance Plus Strengthening Series. The Cuban Press with Cuff Weights is a good exercise to promote strength and power of the shoulder girdle and is especially useful in pitching and throwing.  Commence standing in an athletic position, with the cuffs placed around the wrists.   Abduct the arms to 90 degrees with the elbows bent also at right angles, with the hands facing down. Set the shoulder blades and then rotate arms so that the hands face up. Keep the shoulders at to 90 degrees to this point. Now press the arms up so that the cuffs meet above the head. Slowly lower the hands back to where the shoulders are at 90 degrees, and then slowly lower the hands down to the ground. As with all the strengthening exercises try and maintain trunk and head control as you perform the exercises. Best done as 3 sets of 6.