Interval Running Training for Baseball

Interval training is a type of training that involves a series of low- to high-intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods. The high-intensity periods are typically at or close to anaerobic exercise, while the recovery periods involve activity of lower intensity. Varying the intensity of effort exercises the heart muscle, providing a cardiovascular workout, improving aerobic capacity and permitting… Read More

Dec. 20th, 2018
Plyometric Training for Baseball and Cricket | Performance Plus

Plyometric Training for Baseball and Cricket

Wall Balls Rotational throws are the best technique for developing power in the core and hip muscles. These exercises are particularly good for hockey, golf, tennis, baseball, and any other sport that requires explosive rotary action. Medicine ball throws develop hip power by teaching the athlete to better utilise hip internal and external rotation to… Read More

Dec. 20th, 2018
Wrist Weights: Overload Corrections | Performance Plus

Wrist Weights: Overload Corrections

Why Wrist Weights are Useful in Throwing Sports. Light dumbbells have been used in baseball for rehabilitation and catch-all “shoulder programs” for decades. While these modalities have their place, wrist weights do a far better job from a dual-factor perspective – they work well at generating a physiological response and also teach the body to… Read More

Dec. 20th, 2018
Strength Training For Baseball and Cricket | Performance Plus

Strength Training For Baseball and Cricket

Power Bands Power bands challenge your muscles by creating resistance in multiple directions. You must stabilise against this resistance to maintain the correct movement pattern for each exercise. The result is increased strength in the targeted muscle group. As an added bonus, stabiliser and support muscles, which are often neglected during traditional training, are also… Read More

Dec. 20th, 2018
Recovery – Stretching | Performance Plus

Recovery – Stretching

Stretching before and after workouts may prevent injury and can make the difference between having a mediocre workout and a stellar one. The stretches outlined below are more dynamic and involve the muscles regularly used in baseball. Keep the following tips in mind: Before you stretch, warm up by jogging for 5 minutes. While stretching,… Read More

Dec. 20th, 2018
Recovery | Performance Plus


Myofascial Care Fascia Muscles are covered in a film called fascia, which made up of tightly packed collagen and elastin fibers. This web of connective tissue can create knots of tissue in overused areas of the body, which is extremely common in baseball pitchers in the areas of eccentric stress – the posterior shoulder being the… Read More

Dec. 20th, 2018