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Why Covid19 could be a good thing for Baseball!

When was the last time you had a break from Baseball? I treat so many players and when I ask this question, the answer is years ago, sometimes never. In Victoria with Summer rolling into Winter Seasons there is very little time to give arms a rest. Coupled with the fact that many of the better juniors are also doubling up in seniors in the afternoons, chronic loading of arms is rife. One thing with the shutting down of playing and training is that many will get some well earned rest and recuperation.

Medical Evidence recommends that arms should be rested for 3 months a year. This allows the tissues to recover from the continual micro stresses that throwing hard and frequently causes. We were made to throw; just not that hard or often. Over time, those micro stresses can become a much bigger problem resulting in injury and if you are unlucky enough surgery and a long time off the park.

But you don’t just take 3 months off and then resume from where you left off. That would be a disaster! Instead what you do is gradually work on arm care. During the resting time you can still work on your muscles. Particular attention should be paid to the muscles around the shoulder blade as they control the shoulder movement. Also work on rotational exercises and don’t forget the legs; this is where the power comes from. Exercises that build your muscles will make you sore in a good way. It’s impossible to do this and play well at the same time. Use the lockdown to smash these muscles because you may never get the chance again to have this downtime.

When it’s time to resume throwing, commence throwing shorter distances and build it out as the arm reconditions. Throwing flat grounds and pitching comes in at the end. If you do it right you will be back throwing again and you will be surprised how good your arm will feel! If you’d like more specific advice on how to resume throwing after a lockdown reach out to us at admin@ppsc.com.au