Performance Plus Sports Conditioning was created over a few training sessions when a Physiotherapist and a Baseball Coach were discussing how teaching methods have changed so dramatically in the past few years.

Coupled with a decrease in physical activity of todays youth, there was a gap in the market for those who wanted to train like the pros.
Using the latest in Kinetic Chain and Constraint training coupled with current Strength and Conditioning Principles, we aim to provide a pathway
to Elite Performance.

Many rotational sports apply the same principals. Knowing how to transfer energy and force from the ground to a bat or ball is vital in developing power and accuracy. Whether it be Golf, Baseball or Cricket, the same theory applies. We can show you how to develop the forces, how to ensure they pass up the kinetic chain and how to train to develop and maintain these processes so you can ensure athletic development and sporting success.

Our team

Matt Hopkinson

Matt Hopkinson


Matt has extensive experience working across Orthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapy. Having worked with numerous National Level Sporting organisations in Football and Baseball, he understands the Athlete. Matt has completed the courses for the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), OnBaseU and is Level 1 ASCA Qualified. He has also worked extensively in major hospital organisations which means he keeps up to date in the latest surgical and rehabilitation processes.

Andrew Rose

Andrew Rose

Coach and Administrator

Born in Santa Barbara, Andy has baseball in his blood. An Advertising Manager and Professional Photographer, he has also set up and coached at one of the biggest Junior Baseball Programs in the country. He is passionate about developing programs that will help to create great athletes and strong clubs.

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